WordPress Plugin Checker

Find installed plugins on almost any WordPress site

What is this?

This is a tool to find plugins installed on WordPress powered sites.

Check out our blog post for some background info about this.

Who is behind this?

This tool is brought to you by the nice folks at the swedish web agency Earth People.

More WordPress tools

WP Content Discovery – WordPress REST API Extension for Google Chrome.

With this Chrome extension installed you can quickly see all posts and pages on almost any site with WordPress 4.7 or above – even pages that are not linked from menus or posts.

Pretty useful for developers that wanna check that the websites they build do not leak any private or sensitive information.

Try it today! You'll be surprised what you will find!

Plugins than can be detected

Currently we try to detect our own plugins and the 50 most popular plugins.


30 sept 2015
25 nov 2013